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History of Acupuncture & NADA Protocol

Dr.Arindam Sinha*      History of Acupuncture is a beautiful story of mankind, anthropology, dynasties, roles of Jawaharlal Nehru, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose , banning of acupuncture in mainland China and its propagation in entire world by the efforts of few lion hearted physicians. Though believed to be originated in China, origin of acupuncture and its concept is spread in a very big area, like no one can claim about origin of agriculture same with acupuncture, Otzi the mummy found in Italy is 8000 years old and has specific acupuncture points tattooed on his body for specific diseases he had. India and Sri Lanka have their claims. But it flowered and reached its zeniths under Chinese dynasties, the first written proof, can be called minutes of the meeting between Yellow Emperor and his court physician   Qi Bo, is featured in the medical text, the  Huang Di Nei Jing , The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. During Ming Dynasty acupuncture and moxibution

Training session on Rehabilitation of Drug addict at LNJN National Institute of Criminology

Suneel Vatsyayan,Chairman ,Nada India conducted a training session  on Rehabilitation of Drug addict at LNJN National Institute of Criminology Rohini on 29th Nov.2013  The course was attended by Judges/Magistrate,Dy.Supdt. of Police ,Prosecution officers and prison administration and Paramilitary Forces from Kerala,Tamil Nadu,Punjab,Haryana,Chhattisgarh,Jharkhand ,Rajasthan, Orissa,Uttarakhand etc. officers attending the course were provided with gold plated beads.These beads were placed on their back of ear at Shenman point. Beads provide acupuncture like experience. Acupressure like treatment protocol such as these bead helps people to help themselves.     

NADA Protocol is part of Prerna De-addiction center Rajasthan

Acupuncture clinic- In January 2006, to make drug de addiction treatment more effective, acupuncture clinic was esta blished here with the help &; NADA India foundation. Ear acupuncture is done for treatment of drug addicts, it involves gentle placement of three small sterilized disposable needles on specific sites on each ear. The recipients sit quietly in a group setting for 45 minutes, relaxing or meditating. It simply decreases craving for alcohol, or drugs & withdrawl  symptoms It reduces anxiety, agitation, insomnia. Clients prone to anger or violence discover opportunities for inner peace. Nada India started a training module to train members working in the field of drug deaddiction. Our centre has been established as an acupuncture training centre supported by NADA India. In this training programme .The acudetox technique in taught through a 70 hours training and internship programme. Such trainees gain certificate as Acu detox specialist (ADS). T

Acudetox is a simple and inexpensive addiction treatment...

Show addiction the door with acupuncture therapy By Dr. Raman Kapur National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) treatment is a simple standardised five-point auricular needling protocol that originated as a grassroots response to opiate addiction in the 1970s. It is increasingly recognised as a nonspecific behavioural health intervention of notable utility in a wide variety of other psychiatric settings and conditions. Acupuncture has been used as an adjunct to conventional therapy because it reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with addictive substance use and contributes to improved treatment engagement and treatment retention. NADA acupuncture is simple; it is commonly referred as acudetox, acupuncture detoxification, five-point ear acupuncture protocol and five-point protocol. A pilot study was conducted to examine seven common behavioral health symptoms in a population of patients with substance use disorder diagnoses and to explore

Acudetox Counseling Training workshop at Holistic Drug Rehab Center Chennai

Nada India Foundation in collaboration MSW Trust Chennai conducted workshop on  Acudetox Counseling   Training workshop on 19th Oct2013 . The workshop was conducted by Dr.Arun Kumar,NADA,ADS from PSG Hospital Coimbatore and facilitated by Suneel Vatsyayan, Chairman ,Nada India. Dr.Arun talked about use of ear acupuncture as per NADA Protocol for addiction treatment  and well being.   The workshop aimed to facilitate a shared understanding of importance of inclusive barrier free services  for who avoid addiction treatment and skill in use ear acupuncture as an adjunct treatment at all stages of addiction treatment  (pre admission, detoxification and rehabilitation and after care).  Dr.Arun and Mr.Ravichandran NADA ADS were presented with Nada India Leadership Award 2013 for their contribution to the cause of acudetox in India. This workshop at Holistic Rehab center also provided trainees with Acudetox counseling skills to use ear acupuncture (NADA Protocol t

Acudetox counseling workshop for Work life Balance at Department of Social Work (MANUU), Hyderabad

A Workshop on Acudetox counseling for Work life Balance, Stress management and Addiction treatment was organized in the Department of Social Work on dated 21.10.2013.  The workshop was presided over by  Prof.H.Y. Siddiqui  and coordinated by Dr.Mohd. Shahid  Associate Professor & Head, Department of Social work, Mualana Azad National Urdu University Hyderabad  The participants were mainly the students of social work and few from other departments. Two major organizations named NADA India Foundation , New Delhi and 2 nd Life Wellness Centre , Hyderabad have anchored the workshop. Mr SuneelVatsyayan, MSW, NADA ADS Chairman Nada India , New Delhi and Dr Sagar, NADA ADS2nd Life Wellness Centre, Hyderabad were the major resource persons.   The workshop aimed to facilitate the participants in developing programs and to address the issues of work life balance, Stress and Control /stop alcohol or tobacco. As the given issues are one of the major emerging areas of social work pra

New Prime Minister of Norway,Erna Solberg visited Retretten NADA Norway

New Prime Minister of Norway,Erna Solberg visited  Retretten  NADA Norway 2 weeks ago. Retretten was her first visit as a Prime Minister. She was with the new Minister of Health, Bent Høie.  Congratulation   RITA NILSEN

NADA-Europe to NADA-world status...Dr. Michael O.Smith

From the Desk of Dr. Michael O.Smith.... I am completing my first part of the post-NADA 2013 and pre NADA 2015 tour.  Rita’s program, Retretten, is closest program to Lincoln at this time.  It is a very fitting location for the elevation of NADA-Europe to NADA-world status.  It will be the 30 th   anniversary of NADA, and the 25 th   year of NADA-Europe.   Rita visits 2 jails frequently.  There is the old city prison near Retretten.  This week senior and junior officers together with various regular inmate clients. Everyone participated equally for over an hour—a wonderful letting go of status and validation of the human spirit of all.  Today we visited the most successful of the 14 addiction treatment center inside prisons.  Again a triumph of common sprit.  The program would be much more powerful if the more senior  prisoners were able to provide outreach and counseling for the  inmates in general population (an analogous situation to being in an outpatient program).  Suc

Mile stones

NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) acupuncture is a simple standardized three to five point auricular needle protocol that originated as a grassroots response to opiate addiction in the 1970’s.   It is increasingly recognized as a nonspecific behavioral health intervention of notable utility in a wide variety of other psychiatric settings and conditions . NADA Protocol Beyond the actual needle treatment, a key element of the protocol specifies qualities of behavior and attitude on the part of the clinician, consistent with what is known as the Spirit of NADA. Mile stones Nada India was registered as a Trust in New Delhi on15th March 2001 with sole objective of promoting barrier free services. Capacity Building: Acudetox Training workshops have been conducted and acudetox programs have been set up in states/UT like Andhra Pradesh , Delhi, Gujarat, Kerala, West Bengal, Utter Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan

NADA acudetox in Muslim Countries

Dear NADA Friends, In the 90’s we were asked to train a US doctor and nurse to set up non-pharma hospital detox unit in 3 Saudi hospitals serving only the royal family (in Riyadh, Dammam, and Jeddah).  Most of the protocol (12 steps,  family groups, etc.) was rejected after one year as not being culturally appropriate.  NADA was used 10 years more,  indeed it may be still being used.  I have never heard any negative feedback from Saudi.  My colleague, Larry Taylor trained many doctors from Musilm countries in Africa and the Middle East over several years.  Later he trained NADA trainers in each hospital before returning to Arkansas.  They liked me to sign their certificates  with a special stamp.  I conducted a 2 hour case conference through the US embassy   Each of the 20 doctors asked 2 questions.  No one was skeptical about acupuncture;  no one said it was from an alien culture.  Also in the 80’s or 90’s a psychiatrist Dr Hassan Rezvani  took a training at Lincoln.  Sever

NADA after a Natural Disaster: Haiti

Destruction in Port-au-Prince In 2010, a major earthquake hit Haiti, causing massive injury, death and damage to infrastructure.  We began planning a trip to Haiti in the hopes of providing treatment and training options to the devastated populace.  The situation on the ground was extremely challenging.  Communication, personal security, corruption, and disease were already problems in Haiti before the earthquake, all of which got much worse after the natural disaster. Treatments in one of the tent camps We networked with a group of American Naturopathic Physicians also planning a relief mission, and networked through international and local non-profit agencies to arrange housing, transportation, and access to patient populations.  We provided training to a diverse group of healthcare workers, community volunteers and university students in the medical field.  Clinical training was done at several of the extensive “tent cities” that spread across Port-au-Prince and

New ADS law: "Wider NADA usage will lead to wider acceptance in key areas"

From the desk of Dr.Michael O.Smith.... Friends and Colleagues, The state of Colorado has just passed a creative new ADS law which will be a big boost to NADA outreach and service in potentially many states. The summary of SB  13-207:  The bill allows a licensed, registered or certified mental health care professional, who has been appropriately trained,  to perform auricular acudetox.  The auricular Acudetox must be performed within the health care professional’s current scope of practice. Don’t brag, just inform the key representatives of professionals in your state that Colorado has found a new approach that is better for their members as well as patient care and, for that reason also societal safety. In Colorado there was a lot of sympathy for this position even though there no heavy advocates and no prior  ADS law only a couple of years of nurse NADA practice.  That is the idea sort sells itself, and it is a convenient extension of scope of practice