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Spirituality in Treatment: NADA Keeps it Alive

By Jay Renaud
25th Annual NADA Conference in New Orleans, March 27, 2010
The following is a transcript of a plenary talk given by Jay Renaud, longstanding editor and publisher for Guidepoints: News from NADA, and former Office Manager for NADA. Jay is recovery activist and has worked with NADA for over 20 years. He retired in 2010 and left New Orleans conference attendees with this message.

Spirituality in Treatment: NADA Keeps it Alive
On this NADA’s 25th anniversary, my parting words are: Be careful what you pray for - - you might get it!

For decades, pro-treatment advocates agitated for recognition that alcoholism and drug addiction are not due to moral failure but are the result of an involuntary disease process. Against the concept of addiction as some type of character flaw or symptom of an underlying psychiatric disorder, our aunts and uncles in the recovery movement since the beginning have stressed the bio-physical basis and large genetic component of addiction.

However, social …

Philippine acupuncture bill has been passed.

Janet P. Paredes August 24, 2009 at 6:03am
Hi Suneel, Philippine acupuncture bill has been passed. I just received my certification as a full body acupuncturist. Ear acupuncture shall later be submitted as an addendum to the bill. Doctors are included in this bill, although they have not much problem about practice. For the past years I order our needles from New york, Health Point, Lhasa, Asia Med. There are also middlemen selling here in the Philippines. I was also able to get donated needles from companies. Just recently we found a chinese store that sells needles here at a much lower price. I wil still visit the store to find out what sizes they have. Warm regards