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Stress Management: ‘Developer’ Vatsyayan mantra to Cops under stress (Press archives Hindustan Times New Delhi 28Oct.2002. )

Vatsyayan who likes to call himself a 'developer' was in Indor on Sunday to train Indor Police in the field of stress management and interacting with counselors. addicts and their family members...
There is stress in every job so in the job of policing. But the most important thing is to realize that you are stressed out.Unfortunately, most of the people do not know that they are under stress and this is reflected in their work and family life.
For the policemen stress management assumes greater importance since there is legal aspect to their work also.....Basically I would aimed at making the policeman realize that they are under stress and how to manage it by various methods including "Auricular acupuncture" which acts as catalysts to self growth....

Workshop on use of ear acupuncture at Nirvan de-addiction center Lucknow.

A Two Days (30th &31St Oct 2009) Workshop on use of ear acupuncture in de-addiction treatment as per NADA Protocol was organized jointly by Nada India Foundation and Nirvan Foundation at Nirvan de-addiction center Ismyl Ganj Lucknow. Dr. Michael Smith, Psychiatrist & Director of Lincoln Recovery Centre New York developed this NADA three point addiction treatment protocol.

Mr. Suneel Vatsyayan Chairman and Dr.Ajay Vats, NADA trainer & Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (ADS) were the resource persons. Physicians, nurses, addiction counselors working in different de-addiction centers in the city participated in this training Programme.

According to Mr.Dhapola, Director, Nirvan Foundation, law enforcement measures, preventive education and clinical treatment are not enough to deal with the problem of drug abuse,It needs a more holistic approach. He further added that It is also important that during the process of recovery, non-chemical alternatives like ear acupuncture…