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Nada India Point 2015-2016: From Addiction treatment to well being

Nada India Point 2015-2016 From Addiction Treatment to Well being- Dr. Michael O. Smith The NADA protocol is a non-verbal treatment.  If the patient is ashamed to speak, the treatment still works.  If the patient lies to us, the treatment still works.  People can't easily describe what is wrong with them, but they will exhibit evidence of guilt and all kinds of things that have happened to them.  They're not able to say what their problem is, and they resent your suggestions, your guessing, your contact with them.  You have to help them gain strength before you can start verbal therapy.    Acupuncture helps you get settled, get comfortable with your own place, with your own life, with your own thoughts.  It does nothing that wouldn't happen to you in the best of worlds – it doesn't add anything to you.  We have "feel better" in us, and, while acupuncture does not solve problems, it helps us be in a better place and to frame these problems differently.   This is a…