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Ear acupuncture based alcohol treatment and rehabilitation services in Border Security Force (Punjab Frontier)

Dealing with depressive disorders - Setting up of Peer counseling and ear acupuncture based alcohol treatment and rehabilitation services in Border Security Force (Punjab Frontier)
Depression is one of the most common mental disorders found in the general community and in th workplace. Depression is characterized by sadness, fatigue, a loss of interest in most activities, and lack of energy. Other features, such as insomnia or hypersomnia, loss or gain of appetite, a tendency to blame oneself, and difficulty concentrating are often present. In its most serious forms, it can lead to suicidal thoughts and eventually to suicide (World Health Organization, 2001). Depression can be difficult to diagnose and can manifest as physical symptoms, such as headache, back pain, stomach problems, or angina.
The workshops with BSF personnel were intended to relate to the depression created due to work stress and stigma by branding of alcohol users. The peer group counselors were trained in the worksho…

Ear acupuncture & Drug drop in centers

Mr.Suneel Vatsyayan shared his experience as part of discussions on setting up of drop in center and how use of ear acupuncture can provide the drug users an opportunity to feel strength within them before they commit themselves to enter in to treatment & rehabilitation program.Mr.Vatsyayan shared Nada project activities of ARPAN (Association of Recovering Peer Action Network), an action network for trauma-related to drugs, & HIV/AIDS.
The 7th AFTC Conference was held in Siam City Hotel, Bangkok from 10th November till 12th November 2008 organised by The Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Programme (CPDAP), National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand (NCSWT), Asian Federation of Therapeutic Community (AFTC), Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) and funded by Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL). 132 delegates from 15 countries around Asia participated in the conference with its theme ‘ Sharing What Works’