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Jehnny Rehnnyaga visited New Delhi

Ms.Jehnny Rehnnyaga NADA ADS from Peru visited NADA Detox& Wellness Center Yog Maya Mandir Mehrauli New Delhi. She is a certified Natural Health Professional.On her visit to Center,she shared her experiences with staff of the NADA Detox center. Dr.Ajay Vats NADA ADS and Trainer and Ms V.Pallavi was also present. Ms.Jehnny will be visiting New Delhi again during this summer.

Ear acupuncture for stress management for NHPC staff

Nada India conducted a mini workshop on use of ear acupuncture for stress management and well-being as part of three day (11-13Nov.)workshop on Health Management organized by National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited (NHPC) Faridabad Haryana. 25 senior managers of NHPC attended the workshop.Mr.Suneel Vatsyayan,Dr.Ajay Vats,Nada Trainer conducted the NADA ear acupuncture session . The feedback varied from relaxation, peace, deep sleep and better concentration.

Stress Management: ‘Developer’ Vatsyayan mantra to Cops under stress (Press archives Hindustan Times New Delhi 28Oct.2002. )

Vatsyayan who likes to call himself a 'developer' was in Indor on Sunday to train Indor Police in the field of stress management and interacting with counselors. addicts and their family members...
There is stress in every job so in the job of policing. But the most important thing is to realize that you are stressed out.Unfortunately, most of the people do not know that they are under stress and this is reflected in their work and family life.
For the policemen stress management assumes greater importance since there is legal aspect to their work also.....Basically I would aimed at making the policeman realize that they are under stress and how to manage it by various methods including "Auricular acupuncture" which acts as catalysts to self growth....

Workshop on use of ear acupuncture at Nirvan de-addiction center Lucknow.

A Two Days (30th &31St Oct 2009) Workshop on use of ear acupuncture in de-addiction treatment as per NADA Protocol was organized jointly by Nada India Foundation and Nirvan Foundation at Nirvan de-addiction center Ismyl Ganj Lucknow. Dr. Michael Smith, Psychiatrist & Director of Lincoln Recovery Centre New York developed this NADA three point addiction treatment protocol.

Mr. Suneel Vatsyayan Chairman and Dr.Ajay Vats, NADA trainer & Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (ADS) were the resource persons. Physicians, nurses, addiction counselors working in different de-addiction centers in the city participated in this training Programme.

According to Mr.Dhapola, Director, Nirvan Foundation, law enforcement measures, preventive education and clinical treatment are not enough to deal with the problem of drug abuse,It needs a more holistic approach. He further added that It is also important that during the process of recovery, non-chemical alternatives like ear acupuncture…

From archives: UNODC Bulletin on Narcotics Bulletin on Narcotics -1988 Issue1 UNODC Bulletin on Narcotics Author: M. O. SMITH , I. KHAN Pages: 35 to 41 Creation Date: 1988/01/01
An acupuncture programme for the treatment of drug-addicted persons
M. O. SMITH Medical Director, Substance Abuse Division, Lincoln Hospital, New York, New York, and Chairperson, National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA), United States of America I. KHAN Senior Medical Officer, Division of Mental Health, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
Over the past 13 years, Lincoln Hospital, New York City, has used acupuncture as the primary method of treatment for drug-addicted persons. The programme receives, on a daily out-patient basis, 200 drug-addicted persons for detoxification. Acupuncture relieves withdrawal symptoms, prevents the craving for drugs and increases the rate of participation of patients in long-term treatment programmes. The best results have been obtained by…


By AMANDA GARDNER DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Tuesday, March 20th 2001, 2:20AM Thanks to a South Bronx doctor, the same techniques that help drug addicts in New York are aiding relief workers in Gujarat, the earthquake-ravaged region of western India. Years ago, Dr. Michael Smith, head of the recovery center at Lincoln Hospital and a pioneer in using acupuncture to treat addiction in the U.S., helped set up an acupuncture program for the Caring Foundation...
Recently, Smith was back in New Delhi training more substance abuse workers when Suneel Vatsyayan, director of the foundation, asked him to meet with relief workers in Ahmedabad, the state capital of Gujarat, where thousands were killed Jan. 26.

The devastation has been too much even for seasoned caregivers to handle. One 18-year-old girl insists that her last name is Bhukamp, which means "earthquake" in the local language. No one knows who she is or where she's from. One man suffers recurring headaches and chest pains, …

From archives :Traditional Therapy for De-addiction: NADA Protocol

National Institute of Social Defence (Ministry of Social Justice & EmpowermentGovt. of India ) NISD Newsletter Features NADA Ear Acupuncture Protocol for Addiction treatment & Rehabilitation .......Consulting Editor NISD Newsletter Mr.Vagish K.Jha speaks to Dr.Michael O. Smith and Suneel Vatsyayan on various aspects of De-addiction and alternative therapies .

Speaking about NADA Ear Acupuncture on You Tube

Ear Acupuncture NADA Protocol:
Different people experience
differently at different times
A Nada India presentation


National Anti Drug Agency Malaysia (NADA) under Ministry of Home Govt. of Malaysia invited Mr.Vatsyayan to conduct a workshop on use of ear acupunctur

Mr.Jainani Bin Tameran Assistant Director of National Anti Drug Agency Malaysia (NADA) under Ministry of Home Govt. of Malaysia invited Mr.Suneel Vatsyayan to conduct an orientation workshop on use of ear acupuncture for treatment and rehabilitation of drug users. The event was organized on 14th Dec. 2008 at Persatuan PENGASIH Malaysia Drug treatment center. The peer counselors ,trained social workers, officials of NADA and other de-addiction and drug rehabilitation centers working in Kuala Lumpur attended the workshop. The feedback was encouraging and participant showed their interest to take it further through exchange programs and trainings.


... While NADA and the US Air Force could hardly be more different organizationally, they share a similar need for practical, quick methods of treating health problems in settings that are often inconvenient and highly variable. Both have found a five-point ear acupuncture protocol to be extremely useful.
According to an article published last month in The Baltimore Sun, the Air Force will begin teaching “battlefield acupuncture” early next year to physicians deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. The article said this move is “the first high-level endorsement of acupuncture by the traditionally conservative military medical community”....... To read more Please visit January 09 issue of Guidepoints

Feedback on DVD "Unimagined Bridges"

Dear Suneelji, It is useful, informative, convincing that it is applicable to post disaster of any kind. It can be combined with any of the systems of treatment. The only hitch I see in India is to get the authorization to practice it. In the film it seems that community workers were also trained to use it. And as a traditional and ancient method it was the local community elder wise person who practiced it, so what is the big song and dance about the simple understanding of ear anatomy and practice of pressure of needle being used by disaster response teams or first responders. Even local ANMs and local/traditional birth attendant who are being recognized as service providers can also be trained.

I liked the fact that it induces sleeps. This method seems to give a lot of relief as in the testimony of the Fire man.

Where do we try it? Who would oppose it? Do we lobby to make it into the training curriculum of the AMNs and TBA and the mental health nursing systems. Do we lobby with UNDP/U…

Launching of Online PG Diploma Programme in Acupuncture

...Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) launched a new academic programme in the field of Acupuncture in collaboration with the Institute of Acupuncture & Natural Medicines (IANM) New Delhi, announced Prof. V. N. Rajasekharan Pillai, VC, IGNOU. The PG Diploma in Acupuncture will commence from November, 2008, he added.
The course is intended to strengthen the Acupuncture in general. It shall help graduates of different system of medicine to learn a new modality of therapy and utilize it for patient benefit in treating acute and chronic diseases. The programme can be completed in a minimum period of 1 year and a maximum period of 3 years and is available to the Medical graduates (Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy)
For the first time a medical programme will be offered online with contact sessions for practical training. Internal assessment will be done through online tests / examination and term-end examination. Acupuncture is a traditional method of therap…

DVD Unimagined Bridges: Ear Acupuncture Treatment for Disaster Trauma utilize the NADA 5-point ear acu

"Unimagined Bridges" is a DVD that connects tragedy and hope between people in all parts of the globe. Producer Laura Cooley is an acupuncturist from Texas who provided treatment and support for firemen and other rescue workers in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Large scale usage of ear acupuncture for trauma related crises began with efforts of Joan Dolan, a staff nurse treating alcoholics at St. Vincent's Hospital in lower Manhattan. On September 11, 2001 she began using the same 3-5 point ear acupuncture protocol for care-givers and survivors of the terrorist attack. The team of volunteers treated more than one thousand people in the next 10 days with very favorable results.

This ear acupuncture protocol is known as the NADA protocol after the U.S. organization, National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, which began at Lincoln Hospital (Bronx, NY) in 1974, There are now independent NADA organizations in 20 different countries.

NADA acupuncture is a balancing …

Trainer and NADA, ADS Dr. Ajay Vats conducted a training session on Ear Acupuncture

On 15th Jan, 2009, Leadership of Nada India and NADA, ADS Dr. Ajay Vats conducted a training session on Ear Acupuncture: A treatment readiness approach in addiction treatment & rehabilitation. The session was participatory and based on experiential learning. The one month training course was organized by Society for Promotion of Youth & Masses, RRTC-North, in partnership with National Institute of Social Defence, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India on "Drug Abuse Prevention" )from 18 Dec 2008 to 17 Jan 2009 at SPYM Centre, New Delhi.This training course is to enhance the capacity of service providers (Counselors/Social Workers, doctors and nurses of NGOs working in the areas of drug demand reduction and HIV/AIDS prevention in Utter Pradesh, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh