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Suneel and Pallavi visited NADA (Norway)

On 1st August 2010,Suneel and Pallavi of Nada India visited NADA (Norway) Retreat projects in Oslo and shared experiences with Ms.Rita the Founder of NADA Norway, Ms.Laila Member of Parliament of Norway,staff and Indian volunteers. National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) is a verdensomspende non-profit organization that offers courses for personnel in the health care sector, especially in substance abuse and psychiatry. Each country is free to choose their organsisasjonsform, but the basic theoretical knowledge and principles of the NADA must be followed in order to certify the NADA protocol. NADA Norway holds courses and certification in the NADA protocol and working with networking and capacity . You do not need medical background to take the NADA certificate .... for details visit

NADA Ear Acupuncture in Darjeeling,India

The Darjeeling Project officially started in 2009 in hills of northeastern India and continues to help young men with heroin addiction. It is a joint HARM reduction project for the prevention of HIV with the Indian Red Cross Society in Kurseong, India by focusing on substance abuse in the region. The Laura Louie Hope Projects has completed two trainings (spring and fall 2009) in the NADA ear acupuncture protocol for substance abuse, a well-recognized adjunctive therapy to substance abuse programs in North America. Both trainings successfully graduated nine peer counsellors in the NADA protocol, operating in five different clinic sites throughout the Darjeeling district. Acupuncture is exceptional for treating any level of the drug recovery process. It treats acute withdrawal symptoms, which can include intense cravings, flu-like symptoms, pain, and anxiety. It also can help immensely with the post-acute symptoms. It is used in relapse prevention and with the addition of acupu

Nada India has been running ear acupuncture based interventions in Delhi Prisons (Tihar)

Nada India has been running ear acupuncture based intervention program in Drug De-addiction Center Jail No.3 having inmates with drug and HIV/AIDS. Nada India also has trained doctors on duty in use of ear acupuncture. The pre-sterilized & disposable needles have been used as part of the program. Nada has been donating needles, doctor, counselor and social workers services as part of the barrier free services program. The results are encouraging and even inmates of Yog ward (Asharam) next to DAC shown interest in use of NADA ear acupuncture as it also helps in practice of meditation . The usually the feedback varied from relaxation, peace, deep sleep ,better concentration and no craving for tobacco and other substance. At times Jail staff and Doctors ask for treatment for general well being and relaxation. Nada India is planning to organize a workshop for Jail staff on stress management and use of NADA ear acupuncture. On the occasion of International Day against Drug abuse