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Book Review: Social Work Education and Practice Engagement...

Guidepoints News from NADA Jan/Feb 2015 
Book Review: Social Work Education and 
Practice Engagement, edited by Sanjai Bhatt 
and Suresh Pathare

Social worker and Nada India Foundation (NIF) chairperson, 
Suneel Vatsyayan, is a contributing author to a new volume on social 
work in India which has just been published by Shipra Publications. 
Vatsyayan’s chapter in this anthology considers the connection between 
social work and the NADA ear acupuncture treatment. Specifically, 
he describes how the NADA protocol is as an ideal social work 
intervention for drug and alcohol addiction. 
Vatsyayan trained first at the Navjyoti Delhi Police Foundation 
Drug Treatment Centre in 2000 with NADA founder, Michael 
Smith, and social worker and past NADA president, Ruth 
Ackerman. He then continued his training at Lincoln Recovery 
Center in 2001. At the Navjyoti treatment center, he observed that 
the NADA protocol can help to build a healthy rapport and trust 
with clients. 
Vatsyayan writes, “Utilizing theorie…