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Dr. Mike Smith presenting in Germany in 2003.

Dr.Michael O. Smith presenting in Germany in 2003....
As a doctor, part of my responsibility is not just to treat people but to set up a treatment system for a lot of people.  So you set up a treatment system that is very teachable and very reproducible.  We use ear acupuncture in ways that are convenient and then ways that are necessary in terms of treatment.  For instance, I run an AIDS clinic every week – I have an assistant to treat ear points before I do body points, because I want to settle people down and reduce fear and improve their focus.  Then the rest of the treatment will go better.
We used to think that we were using ear points just for convenience, and, if we only knew the right body points, it would work a lot better.  It took me several years to understand that this is not the case.  If I had to use body points for addiction, I would do less well than if I had used ear points.  I started out thinking just the opposite – I even wrote several articles about it, saying it …