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NADA ear acupuncture for Wellness and Preliminary relaxation before Yoga and Meditation class

Dear Dharmanand ji, Thank you for allowing me and the Nada India Foundation to visit your temple(Adhyatam Sadhana Kendra )in this February 2012 for Acudetox Trainings and acudetox sessions.  We conducted a small demonstration clinic on several afternoons, and ear acupuncture for wellness and preliminary relaxation before your evening yoga and meditation class.  Both activities seemed well received.

It was a pleasure to be part of such a diverse healing environment, including your acupressure walk.  

As an allopathic (Western medicine)  doctor by original training, I can tell you that the articles in “AdhyatmaYog”on heart disease are excellent.  We should all rely on basic good nutrition and simple health balancing procedures rather than focusing on high income mechanical techniques.  Your advice is just as valuable in the pseudo-developed world as in India.
We met many committed high quality people who are attending activities in your temple. Thank you again,
 Michael O. Smith, MD,DAC , Fou…

Physicians, Mental health professionals , Rehabilitation Experts got acudetox training from Dr.Michael O.Smith in Delhi

Acudetox workshop workshop at Adhyatam Sadhana Kendra Chattarpur New Delhi on 10th February 2012 Nada India & Indian Association of Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (IAADS) organised theTraining workshop on use of ear acupuncture as per NADA Protocol for addiction treatment and general well being for physicians and psychiatrist, Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist and Yoga teachers, nursing staff held at Adhyatam Sadhana Kendra Chattarpur Road near Chattarpur Metro station, Delhion Friday 10th Feb .2012(11am-4.30pm). The workshop was conducted by Dr. Michael O. Smith, Psychiatrist & Acupuncturist, founder and  chairperson NADA International from New York and facilitated by Suneel Vatsyayan.

 The 21st century has brought a remarkable expansion in the use of the NADA protocol.  It is used in 130 prisons in England.  Correction officers provide all the treatments under a 5 year training contract by Smart-UK.  The jail program was expanded because of an 80% reduction in viol…