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Community Forum on "The Use of Acupuncture Detoxification in West Bengal"

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On Wednesday, February 25, 2005, the community forum on The Use of Acupuncture Detoxification in West Bengal HIV/AIDS and Drug Treatment Services was held at the Solidarityand Action Against the HIV Infection in India (SAATHI) office.National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA), International, called the forum.Representatives from these two organizations as well as participants from six organizations, namely, Amitic, Vivekananda International Health Centre, Prajan, Swikriti, Manas Bengal, and the IndianResearch Institute on Integrative Medicine (IRIIM) attended. The forum’s main presenter was Dr. Michael O. Smith.Dr. Michael O. Smith is a psychiatrist, certified addictionologist and acupuncturist.He is an internationally recognized teacher in the acupuncture and deaddiction field.He has pioneered the use of acupuncture at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, New York for the past 30 years. This method is now used in more than 200 addiction treatment settings in th…