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Suneel Vatsyayan was honored by National Acupuncture Detoxification Assocation for his vision and leadership in the year 2001

From Archives 2001 

2001,Mr.Vatsyayan,Social Worker and former Founder Director of Navjyoti Delhi Police Foundation was invited by NADA to visit LincolnRecoveryCenterin New York City, USA to attend a training of the trainers’ course and to obtain certification as a trainer of Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist. As part of educational exposure, he visited drug treatment facilities, probation officers, drug court, prisons, juvenile homes, treatment facilities for adolescents, and shelter home for drug users where ear acupuncture was extensively used as per the NADA five point protocol. Mr. Vatsyayan visited these facilities in Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and New York. Mr.Vatsyayan also shared his experiences with faculty members Psychiatry Department of LincolnHospital in New York. For his exemplary work at Navjyoti Delhi Police Foundation as Founder Director. 

Mr. Vatsayan was honored by NADA International for his vision and leadership with a memento.


A medical student trained as a NADA ADS has been traveling to her native India to assist with the continuing growth of NADA’s activities in South Asia. She is Shonali Saha, a Lincoln Recovery Center-trained ADS who made two trips to India this year before beginning her studies at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. Her interest in addiction treatment grew out of her work in New York with the Gay Men's Health Crisis organization, which is headed by former NADA president Ana Oliveira.
Before leaving for India, Shonali spoke to NAD co-founder Michael O. Smith, who arranged for her to meet Suneel Vatsyayan, director of NADA India. After working in Calcutta and west Bengal, Shonali joined Suneel at NADA headquarters in Delhi, where he was already providing acu detox and trainings at a police-run drug treatment facility.

NADA India comprises a network of programs that works collectively towards providing holistic, education centered treatment. The organization opened its office…

,Dr. Michael O. Smith was awarded with Dr Bejoy Kumar Basu Award in New Delhi India

Recently,Dr. Michael O. Smith founder of NADA (US) & Nada International was awarded with Dr Bejoy Kumar Basu Award at IInd Acupuncture Science Association India (ASA India ) conference in Delhi . He was appreciated for his contribution in the field of acupuncture and addiction treatment & rehabilitation through Nada India since 2001. Dr Bejoy Kumar Basu (1912 to 1986) was doctor of modern medicine . he was a great humanist . he introduced , spreed and developed acupuncture therapy in India for large masses of common people .. Read more about Dr.Basu