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Michael Smith October 16, 1942 - December 24, 2017....

Michael Smith October 16, 1942 - December 24, 2017
“The path for a brave man is rough and steep. However, countless and small pretty flowers will bloom on the path." 


Dr.Smith & Suneel speak on Acudetox

NADA beads means "No Tension"

A 15 year old girl from Bapu Sambhu camp, Delhi sharing her experience with one of the peer educators. I have used beads 10-12 times and every time I feel as my tension in my mind is reduced, mind becomes light and calm. I feel that all my work will be completed. 

No tension whenever I use beads. It becomes easy to study and remember chapters. All my work becomes easy and mind remains cool. I even take interest in my household chores and perform better and with ease. It helps me to sleep better. No tension and worries about the future, that what will happen to me in future. Absolutely, no tension!