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Acudetox at 68th IOGT International world congress Thailand

Nada India poster on acudetox as best practice was presented at 68th IOGT International world congress , acudetox training was conducted by Dr.Francesco Piani psychiatrist and Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist from Italy conducted acudetox sessions along with Suneel Vatsyayanchairperson Nada India and Pallavi — withFrancesco Pianiand2 othersat Cha-am Villa Beach Hotel.  

Acupuncture as an Independent System of Medicine in India???

The aim of the Government of India, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is to provide reasonable healthcare to its entire population. Our own traditional methods like Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga and Naturopathy have been doing the same since time immemorial. Acupuncture is another traditional healing method from China which has been proven to be very efficacious and cost effective. I started practising Acupuncture after completing my MBBS in 1982 and now I am a full time practitioner of Medical Acupuncture since the last 32 years. The process of getting Acupuncture recognised as an independent system of medicine started by me along with a few of my learned colleagues from all over the country with the formation of ‘National Coordination Committee of Acupuncture’ under my chairmanship.  This committee gave its first representation to Mr Dinesh Triwedi (State Health Minister, government of India) on 20th December, 2009.  The matter was then referred to ICMR, which requested us to submit releva…

NADA protocol can be effective in Tobacco cessation

Growing interest in alternative therapies reaping successThe American Lung Association has reported that cigarette smoking is responsible for one in five deaths in the U.S. And while some estimates indicate that 70 percent of smokers want to kick the habit and 34 percent try to stop each year, just 2.5 percent succeed in quitting smoking.
Although new products have emerged over the years to help smokers quit— think nicotine patches, gum and some antidepressants — limited success rates have led to a growing interest in using alternative therapies such as acupuncture to help with smoking cessation. Studies performed in recent years have offered mixed results as to the effectiveness of acupuncture in smoking cessation. For instance, Canadian researchers, whose findings appeared in the American Journal of Medicine in 2012, looked at 14 international studies that used drug-free methods to help quit smoking. While the findings questioned the effectiveness of alternative therapies, they also s…

Dr.Michael O.Smith speaks on NADA and WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023

Dr.Michael O.Smith shares his thoughts on World Health Organisation Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023 

WHO document on Traditional Medicines gives a lot of encouragement to NADA.   No one quotes such an WHO document here (US), but for much of the world this is a very real document.  I remember a previous version from the UN---Bannerman wrote me that ‘alternate’ medicine would be necessary to help most people, if not “the west”.  He was impressed by our use of acupuncture, and put me in touch with Dr. Lando , a retiring WHO senior executive from Nigeria.  Lando told me that the Chinese were good at providing acupuncture treatment in Africa, but lousy at teaching the locals.  Lando called and wrote me and asked me if I knew of acupuncturists who were good at communicating with ‘non-white’ people.  I wrote that those were the only kind of staff I had at Lincoln .  In the 80’s  we were visited by a WHO staffer, Inayat Khan, who was officially observing a nearby medical school.  Khan …

Acudetox camp at Malda Mumbai, Maharashtra...Community based non-communicable diseases prevention

The free Acudetox Public Camp was successfully held at  Malad Mumbai on 21st September 2014, around 35 people treated. This camp was an initiative of Abdul Naeem Siddiqui NADA Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist from Mumbra near Mumbai and his associates. 

Nada India aims to reduce risk factors like tobacco use ,alcohol,Physical inactivity and Unhealthy diet. Nada India is committed to reduce risk factors among slum and urban village population through acudetox counselling camps.
Acupuncture can very efficiently help reduce this burden.Role of Acupuncture in future of public health is manifold, as our public health scenario will move more and more towards non-communicable diseases.
This acudetox camp was as part of follow up of earlier acudetox counselling workshop in the month of May 2014.The camp was organised by National Security and Anti corruption and crime prevention Brigade ,Help Hand  Chikitsa Kendera and Aziziya Education and Social Welfare Society. 

Dr. T.Arun Kumar,Nada India convner organised a training programme @ TDH core, Tiruvannamalai

Nada India's Tamilnadu convener Dr. T.Arun Kumar organised a  training workshop on use of ear acupuncture as per NADA Protocol for addiction treatment and general well being for the staff  of TDH core, Tiruvannamalaion 14 June 2014,
The programme was attended by 22 project coordinators of TDH core. Terre des homes Core (Children's Organization for Relief and Education) Trust is a registered Indian Non Governmental /Child Welfare Organization (NGO), working for children in distress, for rehabilitation of children with disabilities and for children in need of care and protection

Most of the trainees were MSWs. A brief introduction about how NADA protocol evolved and its practice in may countries was given.

Then the participants made a self portrait before receiving NADA ear acupuncture. Then NADA protocol was administered and retained for 45 minutes. Post treatment the participants again made a self portrait. The difference in the mind and body were felt by the receivers. 

A present…

Nada Program (AcuDetox) @ International Nadipathy Holistic Health Camp -Bengaluru

2nd Free International Nada Program (AcuDetox) ◄On 9th to 13th May2014, Nearly 10,000 patients and non patients undergone this Nada treatment at International Nadipathy Holistic Health Camp -Bengaluru .

Dr.Debasis Bakshi speaks on use of acupuncture for addiction treatment...

Dr. DEBASIS BAKSHI, a well-known socio medical activist and expert, is the H.O.D. Acupuncture-Moxibustion, Director and Hony. Secretary, Indian Research Institute for Integrated Medicine (IRIIM), Howrah, West Bengal. As he joined Calcutta Medical College and Hospital for his MBBS degree, he also decided to get trained in acupuncture in early ‘70s from Dr. Bejoy Kr. Basu, a doyen of acupuncture in India. Later he completed a post-graduate certificate course on Acupuncture and Moxibustion from Kiangshu Institute for Chinese Traditional Medicine, Nanjing, People’s Republic of China in 1978. A prolific writer, Dr Bakshi has more than fifty research articles to his credit. He has been doing a pioneering effort to use integrated medical approach to tackle many common ailments including ADDICTION and has treated over 70,000 patients in the last three decades. With a view to promoting the effective treatment method which is a viable and affordable alternative to costly modern medical practice…