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Bengal hooch tragedy..

Bengal hooch tragedy: More than 150 people died and 350 are in hospitalCategory:DevelopmentFamilyPolicyPovertyPreventionRehabilitationSocial costsYouth Children The victims were mostly labourers, rickshaw-pullers and hawkers. A 12-year old girl is among the victims which is another
concern for all of us. Two-thirds of the alcohol consumed in India is illegal hooch. Preliminary reports indicate that the hooch was sold in sachets, priced between Rs.7 and Rs.20, virtually opposite a police post in the area.  What the Government can offer as a compensation is Rs.two Lakhs to each victim family, what else? And society at
large  will forget this tragedy too. In 2008 nearly 200 people died of similar alcohol poisoning in Bangalore, and 136 people died of the same cause in Gujarat state where alcohol use is banned by law. In 2009, Gujarat is the first state in India declared death penalty to deal with illicit liquor trade after a hooch tragedy…