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Nada India Archives: Probation Officers could be trained for the NADA acupuncture therapy

Dr.. Smith addressed the group of Probation officers in Delhi  Government   and informed about the instrumental role played by a Probation officer in assisting the judicial system in delivering justice. He furthered that the key for any effective probation service is that willingness of the subject to keep coming back . With the right use of Acupuncture techniques can aid the probation officer to motivate the subject to come back willingly. According to Dr.. Smith : Mr. Vatsayan commenced the session by introducing Nada India and Dr. Smith to the members present . He broadly categorised the purpose of meeting into two viz. ·         To know about the gaps in the delivery of the probation services . ·         The applicability of Dr. smiths knowledge and techniques to bridge the gap in the Indian set up of probation services . The introductory address was followed by the introduction of all the members in the group and their experiences vis-a-vis the delivery of p

Dr.Sinha emphasized the effect of NADA protocol on various NCDs such as diabetes, Hypertension & Insomnia.

Prof. T.K.Thomas  The annual World No Tobacco Day was observed on 31st May. The day is observed by the World Health Organization [WHO] and global partners as an opportunity to raise awareness on the harmful and deadly effects of tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure and to discourage the use of tobacco in any form. This year’s focus for the day was, “Tobacco and lung health” . Everyone knows how tobacco affects our lungs. The WHO release says, the campaign will increase awareness on, “the negative impact that tobacco has on people’s lung health, from cancer, to chronic respiratory diseases”. There are frightening figures about the mortality attached to tobacco related diseases. A study by three Indian researchers in 2012 revealed that “tobacco is a leading preventable cause of death, killing nearly six million people worldwide each year. Reversing this entirely preventable man made epidemic should be our top priority. The global tobacco epidemic kills more people than tuberc

Next NADA Protocol training workshop is scheduled to be held in Delhi on 1st June 2019

Namshkar, NADA keeps growing and thriving because its members are committed to using acu detox for wellness, healing pain and suffering of people living with addiction, trauma, non communicable diseases  or other behavioral health issues worldwide. Join us and gain all the benefits of training that can support you personally and professionally.It is designed for those who are already working in the addiction or health promotion field and who want to add to their knowledge and provide additional treatment options for their clients/target groups.  Nada India training follows the format of the successfully accredited Protocol training developed by NADA US at the Lincoln Memorial Hospital New York.( ).  Nada India registered trainers were trained by Dr.Michael O.Smith psychiatrist and founder of NADA International.   I am happy to inform you that next NADA Protocol training workshop is scheduled to be held in Delhi on 1st June and 2nd June 2019 (Field work) Th

Dr.Michael O.Smith @Acudetox networking meeting in Chennai India