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'NADA acupuncture is a public health model... says Dr. Michael.O. Smith

'NADA acupuncture is a public health model that adds a valuable component to the behavioral health fields', says Dr. Michael.O. Smith, Some were dozing off;some with  drooping.heads;some in a sort of trance;some snoring off. They all had one thing in common- sterilized  acupuncture  needles carefully pierced in one of  their ears. It was a cloudy and chilly  February afternoon in Delhi. Even some of the large contingent of journalists who routinely take the flights of steps at the reception of the I N S building in Rafi Marg were inquisitive.

A couple of them were led to the few vacant seats so were some of the non journalists INS staff. Acupuncture Detoxification specialist and associates and assistant  inserted needles in their ears with care and precisely without hurting them. Presiding over this demonstration was Dr. Michael.O.Smith,Chairperson NADA International who has pioneered and spearheaded a NADA world wide social movement with NADA  protocol of auricular acupuncture.…