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Dr. T.Arun Kumar,Nada India convner organised a training programme @ TDH core, Tiruvannamalai

Nada India's Tamilnadu convener  Dr. T.Arun Kumar  organised a  training workshop on use of ear acupuncture as per NADA Protocol for addiction treatment and general well being for the staff  of TDH core, Tiruvannamalai   on  14 June 2014, The programme was attended by 22 project coordinators of TDH core. Terre des homes Core (Children's Organization for Relief and Education) Trust is a registered Indian Non Governmental /Child Welfare Organization (NGO), working for children in distress, for rehabilitation of children with disabilities and for children in need of care and protection Most of the trainees were MSWs. A brief introduction about how NADA protocol evolved and its practice in may countries was given. Then the participants made a self portrait before receiving NADA ear acupuncture. Then NADA protocol was administered and retained for 45 minutes. Post treatment the participants again made a self portrait. The difference in the mind and body were felt by t