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Dr.Michael O.Smith speaks on NADA and WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023

Dr.Michael O.Smith shares his thoughts on World Health Organisation Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023 

WHO document on Traditional Medicines gives a lot of encouragement to NADA.   No one quotes such an WHO document here (US), but for much of the world this is a very real document.  I remember a previous version from the UN---Bannerman wrote me that ‘alternate’ medicine would be necessary to help most people, if not “the west”.  He was impressed by our use of acupuncture, and put me in touch with Dr. Lando , a retiring WHO senior executive from Nigeria.  Lando told me that the Chinese were good at providing acupuncture treatment in Africa, but lousy at teaching the locals.  Lando called and wrote me and asked me if I knew of acupuncturists who were good at communicating with ‘non-white’ people.  I wrote that those were the only kind of staff I had at Lincoln .  In the 80’s  we were visited by a WHO staffer, Inayat Khan, who was officially observing a nearby medical school.  Khan …

Acudetox camp at Malda Mumbai, Maharashtra...Community based non-communicable diseases prevention

The free Acudetox Public Camp was successfully held at  Malad Mumbai on 21st September 2014, around 35 people treated. This camp was an initiative of Abdul Naeem Siddiqui NADA Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist from Mumbra near Mumbai and his associates. 

Nada India aims to reduce risk factors like tobacco use ,alcohol,Physical inactivity and Unhealthy diet. Nada India is committed to reduce risk factors among slum and urban village population through acudetox counselling camps.
Acupuncture can very efficiently help reduce this burden.Role of Acupuncture in future of public health is manifold, as our public health scenario will move more and more towards non-communicable diseases.
This acudetox camp was as part of follow up of earlier acudetox counselling workshop in the month of May 2014.The camp was organised by National Security and Anti corruption and crime prevention Brigade ,Help Hand  Chikitsa Kendera and Aziziya Education and Social Welfare Society.