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Donate Needles: NADA Philippines!

Hello friends. We are in the process of setting up NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) Philippines! Nada protocol training is ongoing this October and hopefully by next year, NADA Philippines is born!We just finished our community clinic on 9th Oct 2010. We were able to give ear acupuncture treatments to more than 500 slum dwellers of BarangayPansol, Quezon city where drug addiction is a major concern. This coming November trainees from Baler Quezon, Infanta Quezon will be trained and we shall expect to treat more than 500 community people again for three days. We use 10 needles per patient, 5 needles each ear. Please help by donating needles for our November community clinic. I will send you pictures of our Pansol community that ended yesterday. You can call and order from ACP/CARGBO Medical Supplies Inc. by calling 1-877-248-4539 and order from Mr.KevinLiu. They will ask for my NADA number and/or identification number. Below:Ask for discount, tell Kevin you were r…