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Dr.Michael O.Smith writes back....

Dr.Michael O.Smith,Psychiatrist and Chairman, NADA International writes back about his experience  in India.... Dear friends,
Today in the Bal Bhavan (child's building) in South Delhi Suneel arranged a remarkably successful and unique meeting--which developed over several years of interpersonal  building efforts.  That is to say, years of meetings were needed to develop the openness and trust with some of the participants.  The Bal Bhavan is a large area with scattered buildings, creative sculptures, various large plant arrangements, and many sites of special interactions for kids.  It was built in the semi-socialist 60's under Nehru and now has very little funding so the program is propelled by a dedicated multi-talented staff.
We planned a month-long bead treatment of 25 regular attendees in the program.  The children were told to  make a painting and write 3 favorite words. This assignment will be repeated each month and become an on-going record of each child's sense …