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A Heartfelt tribute to Late Dr.T.Arun Kumar Nada India convener...

Dr.T.Arun Arun Kumar died in a train accident on 11th June 2015
To know more about late Dr.T.Arun please visit
A Heartfelt tribute to Late Dr.T.Arun Kumar Nada India convener from Coimbatore Tamilnadu India.Dr.T. Arun,ADS along with Suneel Vatsyayan MSW,ADS,Chairperson,Nada India conducted acudetox training as per NADA protocol at Holistic Peer led Drug Rehabilitation Center, Chennai in the year Oct2013 and later many more.

Nada Peer Education & Acudetox

Peer Education: An Indian Experience…A Nada India Presentation 

Duration: 11.03 minutes  Transcription of the narration in the movie  The moving life stories of two Dayanands reveal their indomitable courage. While the first Dayanand, from rural Delhi had a history of drug abuse, the second Dayanand was a victim of alcohol. As recovering addicts both had a common mentor- Suneel Vatsyayan -first in Navjyoti, Delhi Police foundation and later with Nada India. Both Dayanands had graduated from, what a journalist called- ‘the university of pain’ and had faced social rejection, stigma and discrimination. They volunteered to become peer support counselors and worked hard in empowering their peers-till the first Dayanand died at 39 of cancer and Dayanand Sharma of AIDS at the age of 46. The visit of Dr .Michael O Smith, founder of NADA International to Navjyoti Delhi Police Foundation was the beginning of a new intervention in the treatment programme in Navjyoti and later in many drug treatment…