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At the age of 17 years, Mahesh has given up his schooling to work as a salesman."

Educate 500 families living with alcohol use & NCD
"At the age of 17 years, Mahesh has given up his schooling to work as a salesman." Alcohol violence in the family is forcing a lot of children to join work force. We target to sensitize 500 children about the issue of alcoholism and NCDs & encourage them to continue their education. Uma's troubles became worse when her husband started using alcohol and abuse became an everyday affair. We intend to counsel, heal 240 women survivors of violence to seek help and to live healthy & productive life.

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Worldwide, 3 million deaths every year result from harmful use of alcohol. It can lead to a range of mental, behavioural and other non-communicable conditions (NCDs). The harmful use of alcohol also brings significant social and economic losses to individuals and society at large. The recovering addicts and their families are usually not aware of NCDs and its relation with their alcohol and drug use. Moreover, discrimination from society leads to isolation of families affected by alcohol abuse.


The project aims to meet the need to engage "patient" before they accept this new identity of "patient" and promote informed choices among people effected and affected by NCDs & alcohol. Need has been identified to overcome the stigma and social repression associated with being diseased in order to empower and ensure the entitlement of women and children to assert their .....
Educate 500 families living with alcohol use & NCD

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Acudetox camp at Malda Mumbai, Maharashtra...Community based non-communicable diseases prevention

The free Acudetox Public Camp was successfully held at  Malad Mumbai on 21st September 2014, around 35 people treated. This camp was an initiative of Abdul Naeem Siddiqui NADA Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist from Mumbra near Mumbai and his associates. 

Nada India aims to reduce risk factors like tobacco use ,alcohol,Physical inactivity and Unhealthy diet. Nada India is committed to reduce risk factors among slum and urban village population through acudetox counselling camps.
Acupuncture can very efficiently help reduce this burden.Role of Acupuncture in future of public health is manifold, as our public health scenario will move more and more towards non-communicable diseases.
This acudetox camp was as part of follow up of earlier acudetox counselling workshop in the month of May 2014.The camp was organised by National Security and Anti corruption and crime prevention Brigade ,Help Hand  Chikitsa Kendera and Aziziya Education and Social Welfare Society. 

Suneel Vatsyayan @Bennett University

DVD Unimagined Bridges: Ear Acupuncture Treatment for Disaster Trauma utilize the NADA 5-point ear acu

"Unimagined Bridges" is a DVD that connects tragedy and hope between people in all parts of the globe. Producer Laura Cooley is an acupuncturist from Texas who provided treatment and support for firemen and other rescue workers in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Large scale usage of ear acupuncture for trauma related crises began with efforts of Joan Dolan, a staff nurse treating alcoholics at St. Vincent's Hospital in lower Manhattan. On September 11, 2001 she began using the same 3-5 point ear acupuncture protocol for care-givers and survivors of the terrorist attack. The team of volunteers treated more than one thousand people in the next 10 days with very favorable results.

This ear acupuncture protocol is known as the NADA protocol after the U.S. organization, National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, which began at Lincoln Hospital (Bronx, NY) in 1974, There are now independent NADA organizations in 20 different countries.

NADA acupuncture is a balancing …