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Scientific Meet on Acupuncture-Yoga- Naturopathy will be held in Dec.’12 - Jan.’13. 2013

Dear Friends,                                                                                                       Oct. 24, 2012
We are glad to inform you that a few important Conferences or Scientific Meet on Acupuncture-Yoga-
Naturopathy will be held in Dec.’12 - Jan.’13.
The details are as follows:
1) Already you are informed that an International Conference on Acupuncture will be held in New Delhi on
8-9th Dec. 2012 organised by National Coordination Committee of Acupuncture (NCCAcu). Some historical development happened regarding Acupuncture in India. NCCAcu has recognized equal status of doctor & non-doctor acupuncturists and also acupuncture related institutes & organisations. All concerned realized that to develop and establish acupuncture system of therapy in India, a united strong force under one
platform is necessary. So for the first time, all the acupuncturists from different institutes & organizations
will be present to this conference. On behalf of IRIIM, already 44 delegates have registered their
participation. Expenses: Delegation fees for 2 days conf. Rs.2500/-(excluding workshop) and only lodging for 3 days is Rs.1000/-. Moreover, on 7th Dec. on the eve of main conference, a meeting of All India Coordination Committee of Alternative & Traditional Systems of Medicine (AICCATSM) will be held at New Delhi jointly organized by Prof. Dr. S. N. Pandey & IRIIM. Prof. Dr. Ram Gopal, Dr. S.N.Pandey, Dr. Krishna Dalal, all India delegates and ex students of IRIIM will be present.
2) Yoga-Naturopathy has been recognized by Govt. of West Bengal in 2010. New council has been formed. In continuation of the last year, the National Conference and Workshop in Yoga-Naturopathy 2013 (NCWYN 2013) will be held in Kolkata on 4-5th Jan.2013 organised by Yoga-Naturopathy related different institutes & rganizations along with Walk for Yoga & Naturopathy. Yoga-Naturopathy practitioners and organizations from all over India other than West Bengal will participate. Expenses: Delegation fees for 2 days Rs.300/-, Lodging Rs.200/- and Inclusion of name in the Directory Rs.100/-.
3) IRIIM Annual Programme 2013 will be held at IRIIM Bhawan, Howrah on 10-13th Jan. 2013. Like every year, from morning to evening, Yoga & Meditation shibir, Free Treatment, Awareness session, Scientific Paper presentation & evaluation will be performed under leadership of Prof. Dr. RamGopal. An open discussion and interaction of related physicians, members of NAAAS and students of IRIIM will be held for betterment of knowledge and experience from this prog. Proposed topics for discussion are as follows :-
• Different school and methodology for making prescription and its advantages & disadvantages
• Meaning of definite protocol for treatment. How such protocol influences in daily life of patient and
helps in relief of sufferings.
• Meaning of integrated treatment, its necessity, application, result, difference between it and any single
therapy etc.
All the above mentioned subjects will be discussed with proper explanation, presentation, documentation
with patients by noted scientists, physicians and teachers. Participants can also interact with their
experiences and make the seminar more living and attractive. There will be exhibition, organic healthy food
stall. Expenses: Delegation fees (Food with Dormitory accommodation) for 1 day Rs.100/-, for 4 days Rs.300/-
Friends, to standardize and consolidate knowledge on traditional & alternative therapies and to develop the
quality of service, we hope you must participate these conferences actively.
For detail please contact at IRIIM office or over telephone.
With thanks,
For NAAAS: Smarajit Basu (94331 79683), Maya Basu (92304 35429), Sujata Pal (94330 47918),
Tapan Bid (94333 77229)
For NCWYN: N.P.Singh (98310 44155), Jyotirmoy Chakraborty (94331 63177) and
Rabin Karati (98749 46128)
For IRIIM: Debasis Bakshi (98311 11317)

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