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Stress Management & Ear-acupuncture workshop at BSF Headquarters, Gandhinagar

A workshop was organized by Nada India Foundation at Border Security Force (BSF) Gujarat Frontier Headquarters, Gandhinagar on 29 January 2011.

Before workshop began Dr. Michael O.Smith visionary and founder of NADA International and Suneel Vatsyayan Chairman of Nada India met with paramedics and nursing assistants. They said there were about 500 families living at that base. On asking what main complaints patients were presenting with, sleeplessness, headaches, cold and cough etc were the common presenting complaints. Suneelji then explained to them how this ear detoxification acupuncture works. That it was not for curative purpose but as preventive and preparing patient for further treatment. Both Dr. Smith and Suneelji also answered their questions.

After this addressing about 200 Jawan (Constables) and their families including Inspector General of Gujarat Frontier shri A.N.Sinha IPS with his wife and other senior officials , Shri Suneelji said this 3 point ear acupuncture protocol was developed by Dr. Smith. It is not an alternative to other treatments but, it is to prepare the patient for whatever treatment he/she requires. It facilitates persons self realization and self knowledge.

Dr. Smith also briefly addressed and said when we all face challenges in life we all feel stress. This Acupuncture treatment he said would balance the mind and body. It is not only people who go to borders but their families also feel lot of stress. With balance mind we can face the challenges easier. This is also called the wellness therapy.

After this treatment on voluntary bases, whoever wanted raised their hand and Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists (ADS) provided the treatment. At the same time each ADS provided training to 7 paramedics and nursing assistant staff of the base hospital under the supervision of Dr. Smith. Gradually almost all present at the workshop around 200 persons including DIG & IG and received the treatment.

Shri Suneeliji then asked all participants for their feedback, again on voluntary bases. Most felt relaxed, some slept through the treatment, some felt pain in one point which went away after some time during the treatment, one person felt heat around the ear, and one felt like he had 1 peg of drink and all laughed. DIG also shared his experience that he felt calm and relaxed. Some inquired how frequently they could have it and some wanted to know how it worked.

Suneelji and Dr. Smith answered their questions. Dr. Smith said that works on energy level, on one knows perfectly though there are many theories. He said it is better to keep it simple, by making it complicated it also become less accessible. He has seen it work and that fact that it works is more important.

The paramedics and nursing assistants were also given acupuncture. They were very enthusiastic about providing this treatment. Suneelji discussed with them technicality. Arrangement was made so that under doctors (Dr.Chowdhary) supervision they could provide this acupuncture treatment to patients requesting it. Nada India provided two thousand needles for further use and practice. Nada volunteers joined in the BSF workshop are as follows Ms.Manjula Patel. Mr.Punit Patel. Ms.Kala Ben Patel. Ms/Neeta Patel. Ms.Ruchita Raval. Dr.Usha Shah. Ms.Hasu Ben

Prepared by Dr.Nayna NADA ADS, Nada Gujarat Chapter

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