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Ear acupuncture & Drug drop in centers

Mr.Suneel Vatsyayan shared his experience as part of discussions on setting up of drop in center and how use of ear acupuncture can provide the drug users an opportunity to feel strength within them before they commit themselves to enter in to treatment & rehabilitation program.Mr.Vatsyayan shared Nada project activities of ARPAN (Association of Recovering Peer Action Network), an action network for trauma-related to drugs, & HIV/AIDS.

The 7th AFTC Conference was held in Siam City Hotel, Bangkok from 10th November till 12th November 2008 organised by The Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Programme (CPDAP), National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand (NCSWT), Asian Federation of Therapeutic Community (AFTC), Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) and funded by Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL). 132 delegates from 15 countries around Asia participated in the conference with its theme ‘ Sharing What Works’

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Stress Management & Ear-acupuncture workshop at BSF Headquarters, Gandhinagar

A workshop was organized by Nada India Foundation at Border Security Force (BSF) Gujarat Frontier Headquarters, Gandhinagar on 29 January 2011.Before workshop began Dr. Michael O.Smith visionary and founder of NADA International and Suneel Vatsyayan Chairman of Nada India met with paramedics and nursing assistants. They said there were about 500 families living at that base. On asking what main complaints patients were presenting with, sleeplessness, headaches, cold and cough etc were the common presenting complaints. Suneelji then explained to them how this ear detoxification acupuncture works. That it was not for curative purpose but as preventive and preparing patient for further treatment. Both Dr. Smith and Suneelji also answered their questions.After this addressing about 200 Jawan (Constables) and their familiesincluding Inspector General of Gujarat Frontiershri A.N.Sinha IPS with his wife and other senior officials , Shri Suneelji said this 3 point ear acupuncture protocol w…

Dr.Michael O.Smith visited beautiful Seagulls facility Philippines

Dr.Michael O.Smith, Chairman NADA International visited beautiful Seagulls facility Philippines last month.  He says  "In my travels around the world, I have never seen such an attractive, uplifting location for a therapeutic community (TC)" .  The NADA ear acupuncture had a successful demonstration with TC members of Seagulls facility. NADA Philippines will train TC staff.Dr.Smith is looking forward to visit Manila in 2013. All the best to the members of Seagull village and Congratulations!! Mr.Edcastillo President Asian Federation of Therapeutic Communities and Janet P. Paredes NADA Philippines  

 Dear Suneel  We gave ear acupuncture to some 30+ drug deps in this rehab. One picture shows, we asked the drug deps to remove the needles of their partner. Few pictures are light moments after our visit to SEAGULLS, we celebrated Charrie Tan's birthday in a nearby Tagaytay city restaurant "Josephine"s".  ADSes present are: Janet P. Paredes, Mac Cueto, Charrie…